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Terms and Conditions

Information and Safety

For Original Art.

This is an original artpiece and must be handled with care.

Not suitable for children due to small metal elements and sharp corners in included frame.

For Brooches.

This has a flat back to be worn on your clothing and cannot be used as a BJD faceplate. Just as an accessory for you!

Not suitable for children due to sharp elements in pin fastening.

For BJD Fullsets.

Resin dolls are collector dolls only for ages 14 and up. Do not give to children. Resin is stronger than porcelain, but more fragile than vinyl. Do not drop, cause impact or leave dolls in bright locations [windowsill, car] where UV rays can cause damage to resin and faceups.

Outfits may contain delicate areas or areas with small parts which may loosen and cause a choking hazard. Do not give BJD wigs, outfits or accessories to children.


For original artwork.

Copyright of the artwork remains with the artist Gabrielle Rose. Purchasing does not entitle you to right of reproduction (for example using image in a book cover) unless you purchase those rights. If that is of interest to you, get in touch via shesgabrielle (at) gmail.com.

For BJD Dolls and Brooches.

Copyright, character and sculpt design rights remain with the artist Gabrielle Rose. Purchasing does not entitle you to right of reproduction (for example recasting for any purpose, or using the character design in any way).


Shipping times are 4-5 Days Royal Mail Tracked for the UK, and 10-14 Days Royal Mail/USPS Tracked for the US.

In case of a return, only item price will be refunded, and customer must pay full return shipping price.

Please see item pages for specific shipping information.

Quality Control

Items cannot be 100% perfect due to being handmade, and not made in a factory. That means there may be tiny indents, marks and so on on dolls, brooches, or artwork, due to manufacturing processes. Please accept these variations as natural parts of the handmade artpiece and not as flaws.

The items you see in the photos are the items you will receive. Please carefully study information and photos before purchase. Different screens display colors differently, and even different lighting conditions in real life; please be aware colors may appear slightly different in person than they do on-screen.

Customer Service

We are unable to provide personalized customer service due to being both designer and manufacturer. However important updates will be posted to social media and our websites.

For any urgent queries, email shesgabrielle [at] gmail.com. I cannot directly reply, but I will definitely look into the issue and rectify, or post an update online as appropriate to your issue. Your voice is always heard here.