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Terms and Conditions

Information and Safety

Collector Cards

For collectors age 8 and upward.


Badges are for ages 14 and up due to delicate areas and sharp parts.


Figurines are for collectors aged 14 and up due to delicate areas and small parts.

Keep out of bright sunlight and keep away from heat to prolong life of the figurine.


Resin dolls are collector dolls only for ages 14 and up. Do not give to children. For your reference, resin is stronger than porcelain, but more fragile than vinyl or PVC.

Do not drop, create impact or leave dolls in hot or bright locations for a long duration (such as a windowsill or car) where UV rays can cause colour damage to resin and faceups.

BJD Fashion

Outfits may contain delicate areas or areas with small parts which may loosen and cause a choking hazard. Do not give BJD wigs, outfits or accessories to children.


Shipping times are 4-5 Days Royal Mail Tracked for the UK, or 4-5 days Royal Mail First Class for smaller items, and 10-14 Days Royal Mail/USPS Tracked for the US.

In case of a return, only item price will be refunded, and customer must pay full return shipping price.

Please see item pages for specific shipping information.

Quality Control

Items are all created by hand, so natural imperfections may arise due to the process of casting, sanding, painting, sewing. Please accept these imperfections as a natural part of the handmade product.

The items you see in the photos are the items you will receive. Please carefully study information and photos before purchase. Different screens display colors differently, and even different lighting conditions in real life; please be aware colors may appear slightly different in person than they do on-screen.


Copyright of the illustration(s), sculpt(s), and character design(s) remain with the artist Gabrielle Rose under all circumstances. Purchasing or online viewing (download) does not entitle you to any right of reproduction or reuse of illustrations, doll sculpts, badge designs, figurine sculpts, fashion designs, accessory designs or sculpts, or character designs, in full or in part, physically or virtually, for any purpose, or in any form.

Photographs and illustrations posted online by DollUnited and She’sGabrielle accounts and websites retain copyright to Gabrielle Rose and are not eligible for reuse without permission from the designer.

Vector Art

Vector designs are available to license at shutterstock.com/g/shesgabrielle


No customer service available, though if you @DollUnited with details of your query, the designer Gabrielle Rose will investigate & resolve as applicable.
She considers quick problem resolution with minimal messaging leads to the most satisfactory results, and all messages should be public for transparency reasons.