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Animated Angels is a range of dolls designed and manufactured by DollUnited, which is itself created by Gabrielle Rose in London.

To learn more about the making of these dolls, see DollUnited.com

To see art by the dollmaker, see ShesGabrielle.com

And if you want to learn more about BJD, read on.

Gabrielle has designed a brand new range of dolls, Animated Angels, and doll characters, which you can buy in their fullsets (complete sets with wig, eyes, outfit, and faceup/makeup)

These dolls were not made in a factory. Each character was designed on paper, then hand-sculpted out of clay and wire, to be moulded with silicone and finally artist-cast in resin. Then, the wig and clothes were hand-sewn, face hand-painted, and original eyes added, to complete the doll. They are time-consuming to make and require great care, so only a few dolls are available each month.

The goal of Animated Angels is to bring these beautiful characters into your home, to bring happiness, beauty and interest to your surroundings. You can pose these dolls in many different ways, dress them up in clothing and wigs, take photos, and bring them with you anywhere.